Exceptional music and audio post production sound is the stuff we're made of.

Wildly creative imaginations and a relentless attention to the details is how we do it.

Exceeding expectations, is our end game.





Merchant Alerts for POS devices like the one we designed for
Ritual Co. is an example of how we do sound for brands.
Custom Music, Interactive Gaming & Brand Mnemonics is another.

Elevating sound for Brands is what we do. 



Music Production is where it all began.


We've spent countless hours crafting processes that encourage creativity
which when paired with technical expertise, yield beautiful results.

Find out why Juno winning artists are praising us for being very a special place to make music in.


We work with domestic and international industry partners requiring remote
ADR & Voice Over services for talent working abroad via Source Connect.


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Studio 8 Recording Facilities

Toronto | Oakville
Phone (416) 844 4849